4 Ways to Deal With Your Business Competition

4 Ways to Deal With Your Business Competition

Many of you are afraid of your competition. Many of you are afraid of losing the customers, the profit and position in the business niche.

Don’t be afraid! Instead use your competition to learn more, to improve your business and to give your customers a better experience.

Here are 4 ways to deal with your business competition:

1. Learn from your competition

Instead of being angry because the new shop is opening across the street, try to learn something from them. Many of you will say “No, I have nothing to learn from them!”, believe me, you are wrong. There is always space to learn more. You can learn how they are dealing with their customers, what products they sell, what new they will add to their offer, what are their plans.

Connect with your competition, keep it close and find out how much they are different from you and how you can improve your business based on what you learned.

2. Don’t copy your competition

The worst thing you can do is to copy your competition. If we are talking about online social media, websites, or any other type of business, it’s important to be unique, to be different. People don’t like fake and copied stuff. Imagen that someone uses your photos on their social profiles, you don’t like this fact, right?

Build your brand!!! Be unique!!! Be different!!!

It’s not just about the content (images, same blog posts, etc.) it’s also about other aspects of the business.

If your competition has a lower price then you, don’t reduce your prices just because your competitions have. You need to explore first why they have lower prices than you. Maybe they have better suppliers, or maybe they still don’t have too many customers, or don’t have too many skills to charge more so they are looking for experience and to fill their portfolio first.

I could write tons of reasons why you shouldn’t copy anyone, but I think you get the point.

3. Don’t focus on your competition

When I say “Don’t focus on your competition” I mean you don’t have to think about them all the time. You need to focus on your business. You should learn from your competition but don’t focus on them. Work on improving your business. Get inspired and build your empire!

4. Competition moves us forward

Don’t take the competition as a problem. They are here and you can’t control that! Save your nerves 😊. As someone said “Competition is healthy” because it’s moving us forward, make us think more, make us be more creative. You never get bored working on your business.

Hope you feel better now!? So the point is to focus on your business but at the same time get inspired by seeing some other’s work and ideas.

You can write in a comment what would you like to read next? What is your concern and business issues? I would like to share with you more tips and advice from my experience.

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