Present your Webshop Products

How to Present your Webshop Products?

When we buy online, the only sense we are using is our vision. We can’t touch it, we can’t smell it. That’s why is important to present your product the best way you can.

Here are TOP tips on how to present your product online:


1. Product Images

Images must be of high quality. Add a feature to zoom/enlarge your images for a better view.

Add more than one product image. Make sure to picture your product from different angles. Make some photos of your product in use.

For example: If you sell babies’ clothes, take some pictures of babies wearing your clothes.

Add some photos of your satisfied clients holding or using your product. People love to see that other people are satisfied using your products.



2. Use Video

Nice images are good, but having a video is even better.

As I already mentioned at the beginning, visitors can only see the product, so as much closer you can present your product to the original, the best results you will get.

The videos are the best way to present your product. Present how to use the product, for who is made, etc.

Here is an example: Today, we all know what a tennis racket is. Imagine now that you have to promote it but with the fact that no one knows what a tennis racket is.

If you would just add a tennis racket as a simple image, no one would know what is it and how to use it. But, if you create a video of kids or people playing tennis with your racket and write the playing tutorial, then I’m sure you would sell some of these 😉


3. Product Description

What you can’t describe with images and videos, use description for.

Write as many details as you can but focus on the things that people would like to know about and what is most relevant for them.

If you sell furniture, you should write details about material, sizes, and similar.


4. Add Testimonials

Add testimonials for each of your products. If you just starting, ask your friends and family to leave a nice review for your product. There are statistics showing more sales if you have a testimonials section created for your products. A satisfied customer review is start point to show that your product is worth buying.


5. Clear Pricing Details

Clearly display the price of each product and any available discounts or special offers. If you offer bundle deals or promotions, make sure they are prominently showcased. Provide a comparison feature if applicable, so customers can see the value they are getting.


6. Clear Buying Details

Clearly indicate the availability status of each product, whether it’s in stock, back ordered, or out of stock. Provide accurate shipping information, including delivery times, shipping costs, and any restrictions or international shipping options.


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