How to support a friend?

These are hard and challenging times for business owners and all the people around the world. Many businesses are closed, a certain amount is moved to work from home and there is still a lot of brave people who didn’t give up and invest all their efforts to stay alive. Take a look around, these people are your friends, family members, neighbors… Support your small local businesses – Support people working there!

Now it’s not the time for judging, now it’s time for helping each other.

These are some small things that you can do to help them:

  • Follow them on social media. I’m sure that most of those businesses have some of the social media profiles (FB, Instagram, Pinterest…),
  •  Like & Share their posts.When they post something on social media don’t be lazy, share and like their posts, so other people see it too.
  •  Tag your friends. When you share those posts be sure to tag your friends who may be interested in that kind of posts (products, services,…)
  • Comment on their posts
  • Share their web site or webshop links
  • Buy from them when you can and if you need the procusts and services they offer.
  • Recommend them to other people. If someone asks you for a recommendation don’t hesitate to talk about someone you know or someone whose products you were buying.
  • Talk to them. Ask if you can help somehow.


Any kind of free promotion will help them stay ‘Open’.

Also, don’t forget to ask for help if you need!!!


Stay Positive, Stay Healthy and Stay Strong!



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