Social Media Tips

Main occupation when you have social accounts is how to get more fans equal more likes, shares & comments, but we will start from scratch…
1. You’re company owner, service provider or you just like to share something with other people!?
2. You have a website or a blog!?
3. You created social media accounts- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… but now what!?
As I already said, now you need to collect your fans – followers…
How you gonna do that, there are some tips and tricks


1. First start from your friend’s and family. Ask them to support you and your work by linking your social profile.

2. One of the tricks that most people do is to buy some “fake” fans.That is ok for start because people likes to see some interactions first on web page. That page has some good content and to have more than zero fans.
That is a social rule, if you have 5 fans on the page and maybe some more will come if you have a really interesting posts that they like; but if you already have 5 000 or maybe 50 000 more people will click on “Like”, “Follow” button just because other people did it already.

3. Most important thing regarding social account is that you write really good content. It needs to be interesting and related with your profile. What that does mean!? If your job is to sell for example kids toys, then you will post content related to kids, toys and other related stuff.

4. What to post?
As I said the content need to be interesting and related with your profile.
But there is one thing that you need to pay attention on. Don’t post only your products, especially like this …
product image, price and link with “Buy now” or similar. Instead of it post could be for example: Take a picture of a kid holding the toy that you’re selling, with something like “He really enjoying playing with it. Would you like to see your baby smiling like our little friend (kid from the image).”
Also a great way to promote your products is to share your customers pics with they testimonials. In that way other people can see that people like to buy your products and that they are happy with quality, delivery etc. Other types of post could be little different. Try to share some useful information with your fans.
For example if you have a blog you can share your blog post. if you run a webshop with clothes, you can share post about “What to wear this season” or “What to wear for a wedding party” etc.

5. Try to stay active!
Share your content every day.

6. Like, follow and comment on other social accounts related to you. More people will see you , maybe go to your profile and like /follow your profile too. There is more stuff that you can do but I will write it in some of our next posts.
If you need some help in managing your social accounts feel free to contact us.

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