Website Management

You still don’t have your own Website Manager? Then you are missing the best feature for your business.

After creating a website it’s important to keep it up to date.

Website Manager = More time, Less stress, More money


Spread the news to the world. Let everyone know when you release a new product, have sale or special offers. Connect with your followers by doing everyday posting, answering on messages and comments.

- Creating new social accounts
- Posting new posts on your social pages (text+graphics)
-Answering on comments and messages
For every business owner who run a web shop is important that everything works fine and everything is updated. Any issue on the web shop means loosing sales and loosing the money, and you certainly don't want it to happen. Make sure to always add your new products with beautiful images, update prices, shipping costs etc. Also don't forget to send some newsletter, to inform your customers about new products or sales.

- Adding new products
- Creating newsletter
- Setup webshop features
- Changing product details
Represent your business by creating lovely designed documents ready to send your customers, clients, etc.

- Word
- Excel
- Power Point
- other formats
Make sure that everything works fine when your customers comes to visit your website. Always update your website with new content and always make sure that you always provide correct contact details, so your customers can get in touch with you anytime.

- Blog posts
- Pages
- Portfolio
- Gallery
- On page SEO
- Social icons and links
- Widgets
- Sidebars
- All other content updates


  • WCA, JMA, BSCN Coach Directories

    WCA, JMA, BSCN Coach Directories

    WCA, JMA and BSCN are coach directory websites. They are created to help coaches to find new clients and help them achieve their goals.

    John McKee is a founder of this amazing business. Purpose Statement for The WorldWide Coach Association is what drives all of us…. “To create a better world“.

    We are having a pleasure to work with him on most of the online tasks.

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  • Inspirational Strength

    Inspirational Strength

    Inspirational Strength is a personal development and entrepreneurial success company with a commitment to Inspire, Equip, and Empower you to greatness.

    Coach Billie Crutcher is an empowerment speaker, professional, and personal development coach who equips clients with tools to promote transformation in their lives.

    We work with Billie every day. We setup newsletters, update websites, create FB and Adwords campaigns and much more.

    Working with Billie is not a work!

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  • Impression Villas

    Impression Villas

    Impression Villas & Weddings is a collection of fine and affordable villas and houses in Italy, as well as luxury wedding planning services in Puglia, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Lake Como.
    We have listed more then hundred beautiful villas on their website.

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  • Saigon Terrace

    Saigon Terrace

    We have updated restaurant menu in all categories.

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  • The Knitting Company

    The Knitting Company

    We have managed their FB page, posted several fb ads with amazing results.

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  • NuBlank Caps

    NuBlank Caps

    NuBlank offers customers their own custom snapback hats for your business or brand using NuBlanks blank hat stock.
    We have installed and manged several plugins and uploaded more then hundreds products to the webshop.

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  • PRIER Collection

    PRIER Collection

    PRIER is an English brand that have set out to provide tailor made clothing to the mass market.
    We have coded several sections on the website and added some custom functions.

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  • SEO Optimization

    SEO Optimization

    We offer on page and off page SEO.
    We offer full website seo optimization (images, pages, posts etc.)
    I lot of clients used our seo services and where very satisfied with results.

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  • The Athletic Room

    The Athletic Room

    We had a pleasure to work with Kailee Wong, Houston Texans NFL Player. We updated several pages with new text and images.

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  • Little Texans Learning Academy

    Little Texans Learning Academy

    Set just outside Austin, Texas, The Little Texans Learning Academy, services for children ranging from infants to school-age.
    We have updated their website with new plugins and managed their calendar.

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