What best sells the products

What best sells the products?

A long time ago, the time without the internet, people were selling their products on the local markets, small shops and similar. To find out more about the products they sell, you would need to buy it first and see if it is what you wanted. You could not go on the internet and search for reviews and read what other people have to say about that product. Products were limited in the way that you didn’t have so many choices. If you take yogurt as an example, you will see how much is “improved” these days. Today, you can choose between so many different flavors, with proteins, with low fat, now you can even have fruit yogurts with candies, etc.

The packaging also changed. The products look so inviting, cute and funny. People now invest more in the presentation of their products, in quality and innovation.

But, what makes the products sell even better? I will write some of the things that can help you improve your sales. In this article, you will find some tips for selling physical products, and some other time I will write about virtual products.

1. Packaging

The packaging is the first thing you notice when looking for some of the products. The packaging should be created to attract a targeted group of people. Often the packaging is the main reason why people buy certain products. When someone buys a product as a gift, he is ready to give some extra $$$ if the packaging is WOW.

One of our local companies who sell milk products created the line for kids. Their packaging is made by coloring pages so kids can enjoy coloring while drinking their milk.

product packaging


2. The Story

You should already hear about “Good story sells the product”, right? Don’t be shy or lazy to talk and write about your products, how is created, who made it, etc. People will remember your story and at the same time, they will remember your product.

product story


3. Free things

Every single human likes to get free things, even a small one. You can use to give some free things when someone buys your product in these cases: when the sale dropped, when you sell a new product (some kind of testing the product you give for free) or as a reward to loyal customers.

free products


4. Quality

If you want long term customers, be sure to provide the best quality products. I’m sure that you don’t want a one-time customer payment. The goal of every seller is to have a returning satisfied customer.

product quality


5. Free Samples

Many people like to try the product before they buy it. Free samples for physical product and demo/trial for virtual products (software, plugins, games, etc.) is a  great way if you don’t want to have a lot of refunds.

free samples


Whatever you do, think about your customers, think of how your product can improve their lives or how your product will resolve some of the problems. Be a fair player and you will have a loyal customer.

Leave me a comment if you want me to write about some specific topics.

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