What is VA – Virtual Assistant

You still don’t know what Virtual Assistant is? Then you are missing the best feature in your business. If you choose the right person to be your Virtual Assistant, he or she can be your right hand, the most important person for your business. The right Virtual Assistant should handle everything that you don’t have time for.
Virtual Assisting = More time, Less stress, More money

In this article we will talk about online virtual assistance, not the ones from your office.

What are the task that one can do it for you?

Customer support
If you run a web shop, selling some services or similar you certainly want to offer “Customer supports for your customers and clients” using email or chat you provide information, answers on customer questions etc. The best way to save your time of doing this is to hire a Virtual Assistant to do it for you. If you have a lot of customers and get tons of emails per day, you can hire more than one Virtual Assistants to do those jobs for you.


Data Collecting
Searching for new potential clients? You need a new contacts? The best way to save your time and get all you need is to hire Virtual Assistant to do some data collecting for you. Virtual assistant can collect emails, websites, phone numbers etc. of your potential clients. In one document you will have everything you need for contacting potential customers/ clients.
Some other data collecting examples: Product prices of your competition, collecting website links with certain information, searching for drop shipper…

Document Creating
No matter if you need a PDF, Word, Excel files Virtual Assistant can create for you. Document examples: Ebook rewriting- formatting, reports, product manuals, product instructions, letters…

Social Accounts
The good Virtual Assistant should also know how to manage your social accounts- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. You can hire VA to post news on your social accounts, to improve social status…
Tips how you should manage your social account find HERE


Virtual Assisting for SEO
If you want to improve your ranking and public visibility, you can hire a Va to save your time doing it. Va can post relevant comments on relevant websites, leave comments on social groups…

Data Entry, Copy/Paste Jobs, Rewriting…
There is so many ways how VA can help your business always have on mind that while you are on the meeting and looking for new clients your Virtual Assistant will do the rest of the work.
If you have same tasks and need professional Virtual Assistant fill free to Contact Us.

Don’t waste your time anymore hire a virtual assistant.

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