Why is important to have Subscribe form on your website

Why is important to have Subscribe form on your website?

Not matter if you have a business website, a blog or a web shop, I’m sure you want to share your news with your visitors.

People visit your website, they like it and would like to see what comes next, but if they didn’t bookmarked it, you will loose your potential buyers and clients because people often forgot the website address they visited.

That is why important to have Subscribe form on your website.

We all know how much is important to have some free promotion sources in our businesses. Sending a newsletters is a free way to promote your new products, new blog posts, recipes or whatever you are dealing with.

The people who subscribed to your website, are your most targeted visitors, since you already know they are interested in your products, news, etc. There is a big chance they will buy your products, order your services, etc.

It would be a shame not to use it.


How it works?

1. You add Subscribe form on your website

2. People, who want to get news from you, subscribe to that form. They subscibe because they want to be noticed when you have discounts and sales, when you release a new product, when you publish a new blog, etc.

3. They get to your List (usually it’s their name and email)

4. You send a newsletters with news to their emails

5. They read your newsletters and make an action (read you blog, buy your products, etc.)


Most popular marketing automation platforms



Constant Contact




and other.


Where to add your Subscribe Form

  • At the top of the website
  • In the header
  • In the sidebar
  • At the end of the blog post
  • In the footer
  • As a popup
  • On the product page
  • Separated landing page
  • On a page you are promoting your services or products

The place where you will add your Subscribe form depends on what type of the business your run, what you are promoting, which pages people visit the most, are you selling a products, etc.


subscribe form


How to add Subscribe Form to your Website

There is three ways to add the form to your website

  1. Adding the code which you get from the website (marketing automation platform)  after you create a Subscribe form.
  2. With a plugin/extension
  3. Coding


If you need help with adding a Subscribe form on your website, feel free to CONTACT US

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